I am Alex Rønne Petersen, a self-taught software engineer living in Denmark.

I like to work on open source projects, particularly ones relating to programming languages - compilers, virtual machines, garbage collectors, and so on. I do some occasional reverse engineering and game programming too. I have also ventured into kernel hacking land.

This website is my personal blog (hosted on Ghost) where I ramble about various topics usually related to programming, but also sometimes video games, politics, and culture. Fair warning: I am a bit of a contrarian by nature so there is a good chance that some of my views will differ from the mainstream consensus.

Though I find this to be self-evident, I will state for the record that any views expressed on this blog are, of course, just my own. No opinion I voice here should be misconstrued as being that of any employer I have worked for, or to be one endorsed by any community I participate in or preside over.

If you would like to support my continued work, you can do so in three ways:

Please note that I never paywall any of my work - whether it be articles, code, or support. You should only pay me if you can actually afford to do so and want to contribute to sustainable open source.