An Update

What I've been up to for the past few years and what's next.

Hello there!

This is just a bit of a rambly post to let people know what I've been up to.

I used to be a fairly prolific blogger back in the day. I once had a blog on Blogger, which I later moved over to WordPress, and finally over to Octopress on my personal site. On these, I used to write a lot about programming and software in general, with some very light politics sprinkled in occasionally. I also guest-wrote some technical posts on the Mono blog when I was still working for Xamarin/Microsoft.

At some point – I don't remember when exactly – I realized that I wasn't very happy with some of my old writings. A lot of those old posts just didn't reflect my current opinions and knowledge anymore. (I imagine most people experience this feeling a few times throughout life.) It felt like an insurmountable task to go back through several years of writing and alter posts to reflect my current opinions or to fix minor inaccuracies, so I ultimately decided to just nuke those old blogs altogether. Truth be told, there wasn't anything on them that was particularly worth preserving.

After doing that, I didn't write anything for a long time. Partly because I was busy with work, but also because I was struggling with a severe depression that had been building for years and which I'd (rather foolishly) tried to ignore. That depression finally came to a head and I ended up leaving Microsoft in order to take care of my mental health. I might write more about that whole ordeal in another post – there's a lot to say – but what matters for the purposes of this post is that I basically lost all passion for programming for almost 2 years. No matter how hard I tried to motivate myself to work on projects that I would have found interesting in the past, the spark just wasn't there. Of course, with no passion and no projects to work on, there was nothing to blog about either.

Having had some time away from work to wind down and work through my mess of a head (an ongoing process) seems to have had a somewhat positive effect. I've recently started hacking on some hobby projects again - without losing motivation after just a handful of days. Along with that, the desire to write down my thoughts and progress has slowly but surely started returning. So, what you're currently looking at is the new site on which I'll be blogging. (It's hosted on Ghost, by the way.) I don't know what topics I'll be writing about in the long term, but for now, I'll definitely be writing about programming.

You can subscribe on this site in case you want to receive emails whenever I publish stuff. (There's also a paid subscription thing in case you feel like you want to support me in that way, but that's totally optional and not something you should feel obligated to do.)