I'm Alex Rønne Petersen, a self-proclaimed software engineer currently situated in Thisted, Denmark.

I like to work on open source projects, particularly ones relating to programming languages, compilers, virtual machines, and garbage collectors. I'm also interested in concurrency and server-side engineering. I do some occasional reverse engineering and game programming too. I've also ventured into kernel hacking land on some occasions.

I have experience with a rather wide variety of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, platforms, and so on. I can do everything from raw assembly and C to Python and F#. I speak most of the languages I've dealt with fluently and write clean, idiomatic code. I tend to prefer functional languages over imperative ones due to the inherent reduction in bugs and clearer resulting code.

I have created several open source programs and projects, some of them more complete than others:

And contributed to many others:

I've worked for the following companies and organizations:

Through my day jobs, I've worked on the following commercial products:

These days I spend most of my spare time effort on developing and maintaining the various projects under the Lycus Foundation umbrella as well as its infrastructure. I also actively maintain Mono and many of its modules.

You can find me on various websites:

I also maintain a blog.

You can reach me via email. Use alex at alexrp dot com for personal stuff and alex at lycus dot org for anything related to my open source work and projects. For anything related to my work at Xamarin, use alexrp at xamarin dot com.

If you prefer IRC, you can find me on OFTC (#lycus, #flect, #mci, #paravm, #llvm), Freenode (#d, #proglangdesign, ##fsharp, #erlang, #erlounge, #elixir-lang, #riak, #osdev), Mozilla (#rust), QuakeNet (#c#), and GIMPNet (#mono, #monodev, #cecil, #xamarin, #monotouch, #monodroid, #monomac, #monosoc). I typically go by alexrp or Zor.

I can also be found on Skype using my personal email address mentioned above.