I'm Alex Rønne Petersen, a self-taught software engineer currently situated in Thisted, Denmark.

I like to work on open source projects, particularly ones relating to programming languages - compilers, virtual machines, garbage collectors, and so on. I do some occasional reverse engineering and game programming too. I've also ventured into kernel hacking land.

I have experience with a fairly wide variety of programming languages and platforms. I speak most everything from assembly and C to F# and Elixir. I have a strong interest in programming language design, so I invariably end up reading through the entire specifications of the languages I use. As such, I'm comfortable stating that I have an above average understanding of them. I have many years of experience developing software for Windows, Linux, and OS X, on various architectures (e.g. x86, ARM, MIPS, RISC-V).

I have created several open source programs and projects, some of them more complete than others:

And contributed to many others:

I've worked for the following companies and organizations:

Through my day jobs, I've worked on the following commercial products:

You can find me on GitHub.

If you wish to reach me via email, you can use alex at alexrp dot com for personal stuff and alpeters at microsoft dot com for anything related to my work.